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A major concern on people's minds these days is privacy on the Internet. This site is targeted specifically at people developing Web content for both personal and commercial purposes, so we feel an obligation to inform you of how BigNoseBird.Com handles information gathered at our site, and to try and encourage you to provide a similar statement on your site(s) outlining how you handle people's information.

BigNoseBird.Com makes extensive use of CGI scripts and Server Side Include pages. In fact, the site uses the very same scripts we offer for download to our readers, and the techniques that we teach to our readers. This method of presenting information also provides a great deal of flexibility and power in gathering information about our readers.

To be honest, although we love every one of our readers dearly, we don't have any interest in what you- an individual are doing at the site! We are more interested in what you as a herd are doing. We want to know how you got here, what pages you tend to visit, and what pages you don't tend to visit. So, here's the policy:

  • We do not under any circumstances, sell or disclose to any third party information gathered by any script or device.

  • All e-mail form submissions are logged to a file. This protects against lost e-mails. The file is purged frequently.

  • Virtual Cards obviously are saved to disk. The information that makes up the cards are automatically purged after eleven (11) days.

  • The Guest Book is a public, readable web page. There is nothing we can do to prevent spammers from harvesting names from it.

  • The Birdcast site referral script does log information, but as with the other scripts the information is frequently purged.

  • BigNoseBird.Com owns it's own server. Christine and Bruce are the only ones with access (hopefully!) to the system.

  • As of this writing, HTTP Cookies are not being used at this site other than a javascript cookie tutorial and survey script demonstration. Any other uses will be reflected in this policy statement as needed.

  • Some advertisers require us to use the DART redirect service made available by DoubleClick.Net. Please refer to their privacy statements for information on their service. To opt out of DoubleClick's individual tracking service- please go here.

  • Attention MSIE 5.X Users: There has been some issues raised regarding the favicon.ico file as being a way for webmasters to detect if you have bookmarked a site that has this file located on it. You can tell if you have received the file if when viewing your favorites, you see an icon other than the default HTML page icon next to the page name. Please be assured that we in no way exploit this feature of the browser. The icon file itself is harmless. However, we do thank you for thinking enough of us to bookmark us!
Updated on January 22,2019

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